OMRON STI Machine Safety Products

Omron STI offers a comprehensive lineup of machine safety components, from safety logic controllers and light curtains to door switches and emergency stop devices.

OMRON welcomed Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI) to the Group in September 2006. “STI” now stands for “Safety, Technology & Innovation”, reflecting OMRON’s desire to spark a revolution in the industry. By combining OMRON’s advanced sensing, control and networking technologies with high-level product support, OMRON aims to help customers create safer workplaces for their employees and enjoy improved productivity as a result.

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CIP Safety Controllers

  • EtherCat functional safety over EtherCat (FSOE)
  • Ethernet/IP CIP Safety
    • 128 CIP Safety connections or 254 CIP Safety connections
  • Software tools to speed up design and safety verification
  • CIP Safety remote I/O terminals
  • Compatible with 3rd party CIP safety devices
Omron Automation CIP safety controller with functional safety over ethercat.  (FSOE)

Safety Light Curtains

  • Area Beam Indicators (ABI) – Tri-color indicators for easy & instant status
  • Back-up & restore settings with Intelligent Tap – can reduce maintenance setup time by 90%
  • IO-Link – Easy remote monitoring of process & service data
  • Bluetooth option
  • Safety outputs auto sense wiring polarity (NPN or PNP)
Omron STI safety light curtains

Safety Laser Scanners

  • Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner complies with IEC61496-1/-3
  • 70 sets of safety zone and warning zone combinations
  • Safety zone up to 4m and warning zone(s) up to 15m.
  • 8 Individual sector indicators and various LED for clear status indication
  • Reference boundary function prevents unauthorized change of scanner position
Omron Automation's range of Industrial HMIs makes it easy to implement dynamic user interfaces that  boost productivity and minimize downtime.

Safety Door Switches

  • Locking and non-locking models available
  • Wide range of mounting and key options
  • Non-contact door switches
  • Magnetic latching door switches with RFID
  • Made for harsh industrial environments
  • Key holding force of up to 3000N
Omron STI safety locking and non-locking door switches and non-contact door switches

Emergency Stop Devices

  • Robust 16mm & 22mm emergency stop switches
  • Rope pull emergency stop switches
  • Multiple contact configurations
  • IP65 rated
  • Made for harsh industrial environments
Omron STI Emergency Stop Switches and Emergency Rope Pull Devices

Safety Relays

  • Socketed force guided relays
  • Slim profile options available down to 17.5mm wide
  • Fast easy installation
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • High speed response time
Omron STI Safety Relays and Smart Self Monitoring Safety Relay Control Modules

Safety Enabling Devices

  • A4EG grip-style enabling switches (Shown below)
  • A4E “3-Position” enabling switches are easy to integrate into other devices.
  • Conforms to ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 (R2009) for 3-position switches
  • A22TK safety key selector switches
  • Capacitive touch safety palm buttons
Omron STI Safety Enabling Switches and Capacitive Safety Palm Buttons

Safety Mats, Bumpers and Edges

  • 2 wire and 4 wire safety mat options available
  • Safety mats are IP65 and rated for wash down cleaning
  • Safety bumpers available up to 3000mm in length
  • Safety edges available in six sizes for SGE Series and two sizes for SCS Series
  • Safety edges provide fast, accurate response even during lateral application of force
Omron STI Safety Mats, Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers