Mobile Robots

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV)

The Omron LD Mobile Robot is a self navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) designed for dynamically moving material in challenging environments that may include confined passageways and dynamic, peopled locations. Unlike traditional autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs) or automated guided carts (AGCs), the Omron LD mobile robot requires no facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, saving users up to 15% in deployment costs. The LD includes Omron’s proprietary software and controls allowing it to intelligently navigate around people and unplanned obstacles that may render traditional AGVs incapacitated.  The Omron LD mobile robot can be programmed and functional within a day. Easy to configure, the system can be customized for a variety applications and payloads by OEMs, Integrators and capable end users alike. Manufacturing, warehousing, clean tech, and laboratories are just a few environments ideal for the Omron LD mobile robot.

Product Features

  • Simplifies payload integration with a small mobile platform
  • Self-navigation software safely avoids people and obstacles
  • Reliable drive system optimized for self-navigation
  • Structural support of payloads up to 130kg on level surfaces
  • Navigates through the use of a digital map
  • Easy to deploy, no facilities modifications required for most applications
  • Manages power and self-charging operations


  • User-friendly Software
  • Runtime of up to 19 hours a day
  • On-board power supply

The Omron mobile robot platform provides a new level of efficiency and cost savings when it comes to moving goods around facilities. This unique family of mobile robots was developed for easy deployment of rapid, reliable materials transport 24/7, and can self-navigate in even the most dynamic, cramped environments.


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Lynx Mobile Platform (no payload shown)

Lynx Cart Transporter Configuration

lynx cart transporter

(Link to Mobile Robot PDF)

It can be fitted with automated payload handling allowing for mobile pick-to-light systems, machine to machine transport, automated cart transport, etc. Flexible factory layout can be achieved as delivery points can be easily modified for the mobile robots.  Omron mobile robots also complement traditional automation, such as conveyors, and provide traceable movement of goods.