Servos, VFDs and Motion Controllers

Omron Automation and Omron Delta Tau offer a comprehensive lineup of servos, VFDs and motio controller solutions.

Omron is a leading manufacturer of industrial motion products. Omron Automation provides a wide range of servos, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and PLC based motion controllers.  Omron Delta Tau is the leading developer and manufacturer for innovative, high-performance PC based machine and motion controllers. With more than 30 years of experience and 1,000,000 axes of motion, Delta Tau is committed to providing solutions for the simplest to most complex applications.

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1S – Sysmac EtherCat Servo

  • 23-bit resolution encoder

  • Pluggable connectors for easy pre-wiring and system maintenance

  • No breakout cables needed

  • Embedded relay for direct motor brake control

  • Network Safe Torque Off: PLd (EN ISO 13849-1), SIL2 (IEC 61508)

  • Hardwired Safe Torque Off: PLe (EN ISO 13849-1), SIL3 (IEC 61508)

  • Range: 50 W to 15 kW



Omron 1S EtherCat Servos

Accurax G5 Servos

  • High-accuracy positioning with fully-closed control.
  • Servo Drives for 400VAC globally widens applicable systems and environment, including large-scale equipment.
  • Safe design and Safe Torque Off (STO) function.
  • Vibration can be suppressed in acceleration/deceleration even in low-rigidity mechanical systems.
  • EtherCat communications


Omron G5 Servo

G5 Analog/Pulse Train Servos

  • Drive Programming: internal positioning with indexer functionality
  • Basic positioning functions
  • Position operations: up to 32 points
  • Frequency response of 2kHz
  • Safety conforming to ISO13849-1 (PLd)
  • High accuracy provided by 20 bit encoder
  • Advanced vibration suppression
  • Full closed loop encoder built-in
  • Rotary motors from 50 W up to 15 kW
Omron G5 Analog/Pulse Train Servos

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

MX2 – Fast Response VFD

  • Up to 15 kW
  • 200% starting torque
  • Torque control in open loop
  • Double rating VT 120%/1 min and CT 150%/1 min
  • IM & PM motor control
  • Safety conforming to ISO13849-1 Category3 performance level PLD
  • Built-in Logic programming
  • Positioning functionality
  • Integrated at Omron machine Automation solution
  • Fieldbus communications: EtherCAT, Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, CompoNet, MECHATROLINK-II and EtherNet/IP
Omron 3G3MX2 Variable Frequency Drive

RX – High-Performance VFD

  • Up to 132 kW
  • High starting torque in open loop: 200% at 0.3 Hz
  • Full torque at 0 Hz in closed loop
  • Sensor-less and vector closed-loop control
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Built-in logic programmability
  • Built-in application functionality
  • Positioning functionality
  • Automatic energy saving
  • Micro-surge voltage supression
  • Fieldbus communications: Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Componet, EtherCAT and ML2
Omron 3G3RX Variable Frequency Drive

Motion Controllers

CK3M – Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

  • Local axes for nanoscale precision
  • Ultra high-speed synchronous control (50µs/5 axes)
  • Custom servo regulation algorithms
  • Use a wide range of vendor actuators and encoders
  • Program using G-code, ANSI C, script and basic
  • EtherCAT for flexible configuration
  • Modular design and DIN rail mounting
    Omron Delta Tau CK3M Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

    CK3E – Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

    • 32, 16 or 8 axes of EtherCat motion control
    • Up to 250 μs cycle time
    • Compatible with standard G-Code functions
    • Save space & wiring thanks to compact design
    • CAD/CAM for easy motion control
    • Modbus TCP for PLC communication
    • USB port for data logging or G-Code download
    Omron Delta Tau CK3E Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

    ECTCABL – Multi-Axis Point-to-Point EtherCat Controller

    • Position control units with 2, 4, 8 or 16 axes
    • NC_82 models support up to 64 additional nodes: inverters, vision systems and distributed I/O blocks
    • Linear and circular interpolation
    • Programming languages: ladder and function blocks
    • Certified PLCopen motion control function blocks
    Omron ECTCABL Multi-Axis Controller