Fixed Robots

Six-Axis Robot

The Adept Viper series of articulated robots is Omron’s latest offering in a six-axis robot configuration. This robot family offers high-performance, being designed specifically for complex assembly applications. They offer the versatility of a large working area with the convenience of a streamlined, compact architecture.

The Adept Viper six-axis (6-axis) robots are available in a 650 mm and 850mm reach for larger work envelope requirements. And, the s1300 meet the needs of articulated robotic applications requiring large work envelopes and heavier payloads.


Adept Viper

Scara Robot

The 4-axis SCARA robot is ideal for high-speed assembly, kitting, packaging, and other material-handling applications.  Omron’s Adept brand of high speed SCARA robots includes the eCobra 600 and eCobra 800 robot with all electronics and motion controls are embedded into the robot arm, maximizing valuable floor space and simplifying installation. The Cobra s600 SCARA robot and Cobra s800 SCARA robot take advantage of the extended application capabilities offered by an external SmartController for multi robot control and increased I/O capabilities. And, the Cobra s800 inverted SCARA robot provides the same high speed SCARA robot work envelope and payload in an inverted (ceiling mount) configuration.  Omron’s smallest SCARA robot offering, the Cobra s350 SCARA robot, provides Cobra SCARA robot (4-axis robot) high speed and performance in a smaller motion envelope.

Parallel Robot (Delta Robot)

The Omron Adept Quattro parallel robot (delta robot) is the next generation of “picker” robots, specifically designed for high-speed manufacturing, packaging and assembly applications. The Adept Quattro parallel robot is available with Adept’s vision software and integrated controls for high-speed, reliable manufacturing, packaging and assembly.  Designed for applications which require ultra-high-speed mechanisms integrated with intelligent vision technology for high-speed, reliable packaging, manufacturing and assembly applications, when compared to existing picker robot, delta robot and parallel robot systems,  the Adept Quattro parallel robot offers higher speeds, heavier payloads at high speed, more consistent performance across the robot’s work envelope, and an extensive working range.