Omron Scanner

Laser Scanners

The low-profile OS32C safety scanner offers a 270 degree detection angle, 3 or 4 meter safety zone, and a warning zone that extends out to 15 meters. Approved for vertical or horizontal mounting, use it for collision avoidance on an AGV or intrusion and presence detection in machine guarding and robot safety applications. The OS32C is easily configured via laptop using free software and the scanner head includes an onboard diagnostic display and sector indicators signaling status and in what direction it “sees” something in its safety zone. The scanner head detaches from the base where the configuration memory chip resides for easy servicing. Ethernet/IP and measurement models are available.

Light Curtains

The STI light curtain offering is extensive. Press duty, various profiles, on board indicators, mirrors, two box, three box, muting, fixed and floating blanking, partial muting, perimeter guarding, various beam spacing, basic and programmable are all part of the offering. Light curtains for use in explosive environments are also available.

Omron F3SJ
Interlock group

E-stops, Switches, Bumpers and Mats

Where electronic guarding will not do, STI offers safety mats in custom shapes and sizes, safety edges, safety bumpers, and controllers. The Estop, door interlock switches include non-contact magnetic, hinge-pin-operated, solenoid actuated locking switches and latches.

Relays and Safety Controls

STI monitoring relays and Omron programmable safety controllers monitor switches, e-stops, contactors, and safety circuit wiring to assure proper operation. Safety controllers handle more complex safety requirements and can replace multiple dedicated safety relays. The G9SP can easily be monitored via Ethernet or Ethernet/IP from most PLC’s while the NX offers Safety over EtherCAT while the NE1A uses Devicenet Safety (SIL 3).

Omron G9SP