MicroHAWK®: One Incredible Platform


The only industrial imager that does it all, outperforming all imagers that specialize. Read barcodes, track parts, control quality, or enable guidance. MicroHAWK® powers any automated task from the world’s smallest and most versatile smart camera platform, featuring the most comprehensive features and software on the market.
Mini is now micro. Ease of use is now intuitive. Performance is now available in any configuration. Barcode reading and machine vision are now possible on a single device so accessible, you already know how to do the incredible. Meet MicroHAWK, the next generation of industrial imaging devices. With the highest-performance imaging engine in its class at the core, MicroHAWK offers an array of modular hardware options to take on any OEM and factory automation task with three micro-form-factor cameras. Choose your software experience from basic decoding to complex inspection, plug and power, and instantly outperform the competition out of the box.

Best-in-class Features

World’s smallest industrial barcode readers and machine vision smart cameras

Read any barcode printed or marked; perform complex inspection or vision-based automation

Choose your integrated hardware: lens, lighting, sensor, speed, focus, and more

Read any barcode printed or marked; perform complex inspection or vision-based automation

Choose your device and features

Choose the MicroHAWK device with the ideal dimensions, connectivity, and industrial rating to meet your requirements. Then, package any combination of sensor, speed, lighting, lens, and focus (fixed or autofocus) into one fully-integrated solution with optimal space- and cost-efficiency.

Unlimited configurations in the palm of your hand

MicroHAWK ID-20/MV-20

Software, optics, sensor, and lighting fit into this IP40-rated USB device at less than 2 in. (51 mm), proving that doing everything doesn’t have to be a big thing.

MicroHAWK ID-30/MV-30

Miniature IP54-rated enclosure with corner-exit RS-232 serial cable and autofocus allow for the ultimate flexibility and the tightest fit in any orientation.

MicroHAWK ID-40/MV-40

Rugged Ethernet camera; the total package in the most compact, resilient IP65-rated enclosure. Get incredible performance anywhere, under any condition.

MicroHAWK ID-45

Exceptionally small, powerful, and equipped with an all-new lighting configuration, it successfully performs tough reads at high speeds and long distances. Capable of capturing codes in all sorts of applications – including metal cavities.

Choose what your device can do

Barcode Reading

Power MicroHAWK ID barcode readers using Microscan’s WebLink interface – the world’s first web-browser-based barcode reader setup interface (no software to install, no integration hassle; just open a web browser). Scale WebLink jobs to the full power of ESP® (Easy Setup Program) Software for advanced barcode reader programming on a PC.

Note:  Video is loud!

Machine Vision

MicroHAWK MV smart cameras offer Auto ID+ (barcode reading plus basic vision tools like location, presence/absence, counting, OCR/OCV, and more) for simplified inspection on AutoVISION® Machine Vision Software. AutoVISION jobs are portable to advanced Visionscape® Machine Vision Software for complex inspection, featuring Microscan’s complete machine vision toolset.