Vision, Bar Code, RFID

Omron FZ Group

Vision Systems

Omron vision systems and sensors are available in color or monochrome, and with or without integral touch display. Network communications options include Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, and serial. In addition to all the capabilities you might expect from a vision system, real color sensing is available, as are advanced capabilities such as encoder input for conveyor tracking. A wide variety of camera choices, lensing, filtering and specialty lighting are offered.

Code Readers

Code readers with 1D bar code, 2D bar code, and character recognition are available. Most communicate over Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, serial, EtherCAT or control I/O and have integral lighting. They can be configured via laptop or optional touch display. Task-specific LED and laser linear and 2D code readers are also available.

Omron FQ2
Omron FZ Group


Both HF and LF RFID systems are available. The Omron V680S series HF RFID system integrates the antenna, amplifier and controller into one IP67 package for easy mounting on a machine or conveyor. Long life ID tags with up to 8 kbytes capacity work with the system, which communicates to PLC’s over Ethernet or Modbus/TCP.